Air Source Heat Pumps

Forward Thinking


We are facing a radical shift in the way we heat our buildings, with gas and oil boilers set to be phased out by the mid-2030s in the UK.

The top alternative in the drive towards a carbon zero future is to use air source heat pumps. Forward-thinking Blue Flame Heating Solutions are leading the way in Bath and North East Somerset with the installation, repair, servicing and maintenance of heat pump renewable heating solutions.

Not only do heat pump systems provide environmentally friendly heating, but they slash your heating bills too. You can save even more because there are Government incentive schemes available for qualifying properties towards funding either retro-fit heat pump solutions or to install renewable energy heating instead of traditional heating in new builds and developments.

Blue Flame has been delivering trusted and reliable plumbing and heating services since 1988. We’re highly qualified, Gas Safe Registered, have five star reviews on Checkatrade – and we’re proud to have specialist renewable energy engineers who expertly install and maintain eco heating solutions like air source heat pumps.

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How Heat Pumps Work


The principle behind heat pumps is simple – they source heat from the surrounding air (or in some cases the ground) and pull it inside to warm the building. They work pretty much similar to a refrigeration unit, in reverse, and can be up to four times more energy efficient that the best oil and gas boilers.

Air Source Heat Pumps are part of a green heating technology that enables heat to be absorbed from the outside air, then the warm air is circulated throughout the building. There’s also a type of air source heating system that heats water which can be used in radiators or an underfloor heating system, as well as providing hot water on tap. These versatile systems can also be utilised for cooling.

Ground Source Heating systems are less popular because they are only suited to properties with large grounds, usually in the countryside. They are electrically powered and extract the heat from below ground via a loop of special piping that is buried in the garden. Water circulates through the pipes and when it is warmed it is extracted into the building’s heating circuit. Ground Source Heating is especially efficient as underfloor heating, but radiators can also be used.

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Servicing & Repairs


Here at Blue Flame Plumbing & Heating we not only install heat pumps but are fully competent to maintain your eco heating system and repair it if a problem develops.

Heat Pumps, which provide green energy, last upwards of 20 years, and are – with few components and no expensive replacement parts required – generally trouble free during their life-time.

We recommend that air source heat pumps should be serviced before each winter for the cleaning of filters, coils and fans.

Heat pumps work best in buildings that are well-insulated and as draught free as possible with good double or triple glazing. They therefore are ideal for new builds, and can be linked to other renewable technology like photovoltaic panels or wind turbines for even more energy savings.

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